All you Need to Know About Semi-Automatic and Automatic Label Applicators

 Labeling is an important part of promoting a brand. Apart from showing the brand, a label is also used to show the constituting ingredients of a product, the expiry, and the manufacturing date of the product. Labeling can be a hectic task if one does not have the necessary tools. Purchasing a label applicator can save you a lot of time and energy. However, the market is flooded with all kinds of label applicators. Some of them are mechanical; others are semi-automatic, while others are automatic. In this post, I am going to provide you with detailed information about semi-automatic and automatic CTM Labeling Syetems applicators. 

When one here about CTM semi-automatic and an automatic label applicator, the first thing to cross the mind is the speed. However, the difference between semi-automatic and automatic label applicators is not about speed only. Apart from the speed, you should find a label applicator that matches the types of packages you want to label and the machine design that matches the types of labels you want to use. Semi-automatic and automatic label applicators are loaded and activated differently. If the products being labeled are in small batches, they should be first lined up before being hand loaded. Also, one can still use a semi-automatic label applicator on product lines, but they still need to be lined up first. 

As for automatic label applicators, there is no need for lining app the containers that you intend to label. This is because automatic label applicators can position containers in a way that they can be labeled. If you want to apply multiple labels on a single container, an automatic label applicator can still help you do so. It can position the container several times to facilitate the labeling. Therefore, it is necessary to consider flexibility, upfront costs, and operating costs before you choose a label applicator. 

Manual label applicators are quite cheap. However, they need to be operated by a human. This means employing workers to do the labeling. As for semi-automatic label applicators, they are more expensive than manual applicators. When you buy a semi-automatic label applicator, you should also be prepared to hire a hand operator. This means labor costs. You can minimize the labor cost by hiring someone to inspect the containers before they enter the labeling line. Fully automatic label applicators are very expensive, but they need little to no human intervention. This means that you will incur minimal labor costs. Be sure to check out this website at for more info about labelling.